Have you noticed more pine cones on the ground in Missouri this year compared to others? I thought I was crazy, but I'm not the only one that's noticed and am now openly asking the question of why Missouri is being overwhelmed by zillions of pine cones?

Think I'm imagining this? I've seen this mentioned on Reddit and even some ag extension service sites. Why are there so many pine cones this year in Missouri. As the Missouri Department of Conservation mentions, there are several varieties of pine trees that canvas the state. There are eastern white pines, spruce pines and even Austrian pines.

But, why so many pine cones in Missouri this year specifically?

I saw a TV station in Albany mention "Pine Cone Palooza" which made me laugh and also capture the zaniness of all these pine cones. They say this might be what they refer to as a "mast year" which is a season when the trees compensate for hungry squirrels who consume them and produce more pine cones than squirrels can eat. I knew somehow this was the fault of squirrels.

But, all the pine cones in Missouri might also be caused by weather. The short answer is moisture (either too much or too little) the previous year can cause pine trees to produce more pine cones than normal the following season. Considering how mild this past winter was in Missouri, perhaps the pine trees are celebrating? Hey, it's as valid as any other theory.

All that I know is that I've seen more pine cones this year than any other and it's strange. That is all.

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