We are just beyond the quarter mark for the 2015 baseball season.

David Maxwell Getty Images

St. Louis Cardinal fans are, or at least should be, pleased with the start. Obviously, this does irritate other fan bases but it is part of the territory for a team that has either made post season or been a serious contender every year dating back to 2000. Fans of the New England Patriots are familiar with the phenomenon.

Pitching is why the Cardinals have the best record in baseball as I write this. That’s despite losing Adam Wainwright for the season, too. Cardinal starters have been outstanding. The bullpen has been solid through the first quarter of the season. Injuries could become a factor. I also would not be surprised if there is a deal late in July for a back of the rotation starter.

The offense is improved from a year ago. Matt Holliday has made some minor adjustments and is turning in one of his better years. Matt Carpenter is driving the ball more than a year ago. Kolten Wong continues to improve. It’s a small sample size so far, but he looks very much at home as the leadoff man. Jason Heyward seems to be pressing a bit at the plate. I don’t mind that given the upgrade in right field. Best defensive player in right for the Cardinals since Larry Walker. Before that, you have to go back to Andy Van Slyke and Reggie Smith in the 80s and mid-70s.

I’m not one to be concerned with the standings until the NFL and college football seasons are underway. Too much can happen over the next 90 days. I do expect a challenge from some combination of the Cubs and Pirates before this season is over. It would also not surprise me if those two teams meet in the NL Wild Card game.