Someone posted a question on Facebook recently that got me thinking. The question was, "Who is the most famous person you ever met?"

One of the neat things about being in the media business is the chance to cross paths with people who are considered "famous."

Harold Smith and Kenny Rogers

My media-related encounters would include three names:

1. Carole King - She came to Hannibal in 2008 to visit the Democratic Party Headquarters. She was campaigned for then-candidate Barack Obama.

2. Hal Holbrook - He's been in town twice to perform, "Mark Twain Tonight." The second time, in 2012, I got the chance to have an extended phone conversation with him prior to his performance, them met him in person when he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum.

3. Kenny Rogers - He was the biggest name I crossed paths with during my time in Branson. He was in town to promote a stage production he had helped create and was producing.

Then, I tried to think of someone famous I had met where the meeting wasn't work related. I thought of one.

Two years ago, our annual Christmas season trip to Branson included taking in a stage play titled, "A Christmas Snow." One of the stars of the production was Muse Watson. If you're familiar with the TV show NCIS, you know he had a recurring role on the show for many years. Now, in my opinion, NCIS is the best show on television, so getting to see "Mike Franks" in person was most definitely a big deal. And, after the play, he and the other cast members did the obligatory meet and greet in the lobby, signing autographs and taking pictures. I did get to visit with him briefly, and even dropped the name of a mutual acquaintance of ours. To have that opportunity, strictly as a fan, was very cool.

Going back to that original Facebook question - the second part of the question was, "Who is the most famous person who knows you by name?"

I guess that would have to be Jeff Dorsey -- or maybe Sarah Deien.