The Fourth of July weekend has arrived! We wish everyone a very happy Independence Day, and we hope you and your family have a great time. Many of us will be celebrating with fireworks over the next few days, either by attending a public display, or - if your state/city allows - shooting them at home. Even if you live in a city with very restrictive rules on fireworks, must of them at least allow some of the novelty items, like pops, snakes and confetti guns. 

My family went shopping for fireworks on Tuesday night. We picked up a lot of the standards: pops, sparklers, firecrackers...and a number of items we're trying for the first time. Luckily, no one wanted any of those stinky snakes that leave black marks all over the driveway :)

If you haven't tried them, one of the fireworks that our family enjoys is Sliders. You put these little things under your feet and scrape them against the driveway. They pop and crackle all around you. Lots of fun, and they're inexpensive.

What do you think is the best novelty firework?