If you plan to celebrate America's birthday in the big city of St. Louis, Missouri, you need to be aware that reportedly the FBI is warning about large 4th of July celebrations. However, I have some questions about these reports.

Let's begin with the warnings being shared by The Express US. They say that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are warning about "attackers who may target large Fourth of July celebrations". Obviously, the largest 4th of July parties in Missouri happen in St. Louis with no less than 10 separate Fourth of July events and they're all expected to be large gatherings.

There's just one problem with these "warnings". The article above does not link to any direct statement by the FBI or Homeland Security and I don't see any press releases on their site warning about danger on the Fourth of July.

That being said, I felt it was worth passing along the reports of warnings since everyone should always have their eyes open during St. Louis, Missouri big celebrations as they unfortunately can be a target for evil people. No matter if it's the 4th of July or any other big event, you need to say something if you see something suspicious.

I would not let these reports of dire FBI or Homeland Security warnings dissuade you from attending 4th of July parties. While those warnings appear to be sensational reports that might be exaggerated, there's value in advising everyone to be safe and aware over the holiday weekend.

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