Do the rest of you feel like I do in that I would like to listen to Mike Shannon and John Rooney do the play-by-play for the World Series on radio instead of Dan Shulman and Orel Hershiser of ESPN Radio? All due respect to the ESPN guys, but they don't know squat about the St. Louis Cardinals compared to Shannon and Rooney.  So why are they doing the broadcasts on the Cardinal Baseball Network?

Simply put, because a contract exists between ESPN and Major League Baseball that makes it mandatory that all radio broadcasts of the World Series must be provided by ESPN who paid big bucks to make that happen. So now you know why ESPN is on AM 1070 KHMO and the rest of the Cardinal Baseball Network stations.  The same holds true for all of the stations on the Red Sox Radio Network.  They too are carrying the ESPN broadcast instead of their team broadcasters.

Now there is one exception to this deal and that is that the flagship stations in each World Series team city is allowed to broadcast the game to their local city listeners.  In other words, Mike Shannon and John Rooney are still doing the broadcast of the World Series but they are only doing it on KMOX in St. Louis.  The Red Sox fans can also hear their local broadcasters on their two flagship stations, WEEI and WHDH.

There is no doubt fans along both networks (Cardinals and Red Sox) are not pleased to have to listen to another broadcast of their favorite teams game especially in the World series but this is another case of money talks.  Right now it talks louder than the fans do.


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