If you ever get the chance to meet St. Louis Cardinal Broadcaster Mike Shannon, you will immediately find him to be a warm and sincere man who has compassion for others. Such was the case again today when Mike and I went to the Illinois Veteran's Home to visit with the residents and workers there.

Mike called me four years ago and asked me if there was any place around Quincy that he could visit and talk baseball. I suggested the Illinois Veteran’s Home.  With one phone call to Rick Gengenbacher at the Vet’s Home we were scheduled and off we went to talk to the guys and gals at the home.  That was four years  ago and we have gone every year since.

Mike and I headed out there this morning. We spent about two hours talking baseball and you could quickly see again that it was Mike who was having more fun than anyone there. He loved listening to the stories of the veterans and fielding questions about the St. Louis Cardinals past and present.

His passion remains and his concern for these veterans is paramount. He has high praise for the workers at the Veteran’s Home and shares his time with them as well.

Each year he also brings up Cardinal caps and other items for gifts to pass out and this year was no different.  Here’s a guy who doesn’t have to do any of this but he gladly looks forward to doing it. His schedule is congested, but he will always find time to schedule this visit. I, too, look forward to his call each year.


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