Never underestimate a bear's ability to entertain. I have video proof of this as two St. Louis Zoo bears recently created a wave pool to the delight of their fans.

One of my first dates with my wife was at the St. Louis Zoo. It holds a special place in our family's heart for this reason and others. We have yet to visit the zoo since two new grizzlies were introduced into the exhibits there. It turns out that they are mega-entertainers. Here's how the person who shared the video described what they saw:

This video was taken at the St. Louis, MO zoo on May 14th of happy bears dancing in their swimming pool together. They jumped up and down to create a wave pool for their summer fun.

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These grizzlies have personalities to spare. They were originally orphaned in Montana back in 2016 according to the official St. Louis Zoo website. The zoo allowed readers to name the bears and here's what they came up with:

Nearly 13,700 voted, and the wild grizzly bears have names! Huckleberry (Huck!) is the male bear choice with 2,205 votes. The female will be named Finley after receiving 3,517 votes.

Huckleberry and Finley sure know how to put on a show. They're making the most of the excellent grizzly area of the St. Louis Zoo which incorporated the water element several years ago.

A St. Louis Zoo visit is now high on our priority list now that we're back home in the Tri-States. These fun grizzly cubs are only part of the reason why.

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