The black bear whose journey through our area became the feel-good story of the summer of 2020 has died.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reported Wednesday the adult male black bear, known to the world of social media as Bruno, was humanely euthanized Tuesday by LDWF officers.

Officials say a call was received from a homeowner in Morehouse Parish about a bear who had appeared on their property and wouldn't leave.

LDWF biologists responded and discovered the bear was in distress with catastrophic injuries.

According to LDWF Large Carnivore Program Manager Maria Davidson, "If there is any way possible a bear can survive an injury, we assist by locating the animal to a secluded area to give it a chance at survival. Unfortunately, this bear had injuries that would not have been survivable and the decision was made to humanely put it down."

It was determined the injuries had occurred about a month before, and Bruno's health was rapidly declining. Media reports indicated Bruno had been hit by a vehicle. When he was found Tuesday, both his hind legs were broken and he was paralyzed due to a spinal injury.

A year ago, Bruno started his journey in Wisconsin, making his way into Illinois, crossing Interstate 72 in Pike County, winding up in the St. Louis area before he became disoriented and was tranquilized by Missouri Department of Conservation officers.

Bruno was then relocated, presumably into southeast Missouri. But, apparently his journey didn't end, as he made his way into Arkansas and ending in northeast Louisiana.

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