Some people are just born with a love of horses. That definitely includes a very young Midwestern boy who has 3 best friends and they are all of an equestrian nature.

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No specific city is mentioned, but I do know this happened in Michigan based on the video description. This little boy is something of a savant with horses as his family shared:

Our son likes to visit the horses in the neighborhood. It turns out the horses quite enjoy his company. The feeling seems to be mutual as he is quite the horse lover.

Pay special attention to the horse's reaction at the beginning when he calls them. They come running as soon as they recognize him.

I grew up in Hannibal, but my grandparents had farms and one of my cousins had a horse there named "Smokey". I can testify that the personality of horses rivals that of any other animal I've ever been around. Gentle giants who can change your life. For this young boy in Michigan, it's likely to be a passion all of his life based on how he's taken to them already.

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