2023 was another tough year for retail and that even included major retailers like Walmart. In 2023 alone, they closed more stores in Illinois than any other state and they've already begun closing some locations in 2024. Will Illinois once again see more of these neighborhood big box stores putting "we're closed" on the front doors?

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It was a bit of a shock when we learned last year that Walmart was going to close 4 different Illinois locations. Most of them were in the Chicago area. The Street is now reporting that more store closures have begun in 2024.

There's good news and bad news about this announcement of Walmart store locations closing in 2024. The good news is the first handful have all been in California. The bad news is some Illinois locations appear to still be underperforming. The bad news is there is legitimate reasons for some Illinois Walmart stores to be concerned.

Why is Illinois in danger of seeing more Walmart stores go away?

It's been reported that many Illinois Walmart stores are seeing rampant shoplifting and even vandalism in some cases. The shoplifting and store damage increases the costs of managing these stores and once the bottom line is negatively impacted, the danger of corporate shutting the doors greatly increases.

If the Illinois Walmart stores cannot find a way to deter this trend, there will be sadly more announcements and jobs lost. It's just a matter of time. The problem has become so bad in some places that Walmart is even locking up underwear and deodorant now.

For the sake of the communities and jobs for those that live there, let's hope Walmart can find a positive way forward so more Illinois stores don't end up on the 2024 closings list.

Here's What Each Walmart Emergency Color Code Means

Some Walmart intercom codes involve the use of different colors. Each color is linked to a particular event or situation occurring in the store.

The significance of these color-coded alerts can range from relatively significant incidents to potentially critical, life-threatening situations. Understanding what these codes imply is crucial for Walmart employees. This understanding ensures they can promptly take required safety steps as and when necessary.

Hopefully, you'll never hear these codes announced at Walmart, but if you do, at least you'll know what they mean, and how you should act accordingly.

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