Many companies are going through a bit of upheaval and Walgreens is definitely among them. They just announced a rash of layoffs including many store locations being closed and there's already one confirmed to shut their doors in Illinois.

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ABC 7 out of Chicago just reported today that Walgreens is laying off 100 to help "cut costs". WBUR reported that 2 locations in the town of Roxbury, Massachusetts were closing also. Now, we know that at least one Illinois Walgreens will close as well.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

eNews Park Forest just reported that the Walgreens in Park Forest, Illinois will close on February 29, 2024.

The Illinois and Massachusetts Walgreens are not the only ones affected. Reports from the west coast indicate that the company will also close a location in the San Francisco Bay area.

How many total Walgreens will close and will there be more in Illinois?

We know from a report from Patch that Walgreens planned to close up to 150 stores by "summer of 2024". This could be that forecast now becoming a reality. Will it be staggered closings between now and summer or will we start to see a domino-effect of stores being added to the closure list? Only time will tell.

All we know as of this writing is that one Illinois location is being affected and it will close at the end of February. I will update this article if we learn of any more in our area that will sadly have "closed" signs on the doors. Let's hope all of those affected employees land on their feet with new jobs to replace the ones they just lost.

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