(HANNIBAL)—Over the last month work crews have completed most of the cleanup work at Riverview Park following the May wind storm, but more work remains even as the park is scheduled to re-open Monday.

Mary Lynne Richards with the Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department says that all of the big debris has been removed, "Our maintenance guys have cleared all the big debris and all the overhanging trees and have made it pretty safe...there's still going to be some areas that will not be open, but we're going to have the playground area and the big open frisbee field open. I'm not sure if by Monday we will have the Mark Twain Overlook (open), that's a goal, probably it will be."

Richards is asking for volunteers  for some additional light cleanup work on Friday. "Right now it looks pretty good, but it just looks messy. And it's such a beautiful park. We just need people to pick up sticks and rake and just kind of clean it up a little bit. We are going to have a volunteer cleanup day from 8 a.m. to noon on Friday."

KHMO's Bill Shuler spoke with Mary Lynne Richards of the Hannibal Parks and Recreation Department...