Finally, the abandoned walls of Missouri's Indian Ridge Resort are coming down. New video shows that the demolition of this infamous failed real estate project is well underway.

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It's now been over a year ago when we shared the Indian Ridge Resort buildings in Branson, Missouri which had become famous on TikTok thanks to many urban explorers sharing video of this strange ghost town of buildings. I saw on the Missouri sub-Reddit page that demolition of this weird place had begun and that's accurate based on a video shared by Tim Church on YouTube.

This property had become a nuisance for law enforcement trying to keep social media explorers away. KY3 in Springfield reports that this property was purchased by Silver Dollar City. They say that what used to be the Indian Ridge Resort will be used for "employee, guest, parking, infrastructure projects".

Based on Tim's video, it looks like many of the buildings have already been torn down. By now, they may be all wiped out since it's not clear exactly what day Tim captured his video. It was just uploaded to YouTube on October 26, 2022.

A few months ago, we shared an updated walkthrough of the Indian Ridge homes and they were falling into even worse states of disrepair. For many it's likely a relief that this area will now be used for something other than a place for urban adventurers trespassing.

Indian Ridge was initially a $1.6 billion dollar project which began construction in 2006. Now, it's all come tumbling down - literally.

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