United Way of The Mark Twain Area is closing in on their annual fund raising goal.
Over 355 thousand dollars or 88 percent of the pledges are in as of the end of January. At Thursday’s annual meeting…officials report that 53 percent of the campaign receipts come from employee contributions at their work place. 14 percent come from individual gifts through community campaigns and the professional division. 13 percent come from company matches of employee contributions. United Way Board President Roy Hark also received a lifetime achievement award. Hark says he’s enjoyed working with The United Way over the years. "Ed Foxall got me involved many years ago. He said; Roy, you need to get on The United Way. So I did. So we worked together and then as the years went on, I stayed with it. I enjoyed it. I've worked with a lot of great people and a lot of good directors including Lou Lemen and  Denise". (Damron)

Justin Gibson (above) will chair the upcoming 2019 campaign. The United Way of The Mark Twain Area also announced the First Annual Evening Of Philanthropy on March 9th. Honorees will include the late Ralph Griesbaum… Kevin and Denise Blue… Kate Dougherty and Robert Wheeler.

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