With help from Nike, the St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs are tweaking their uniforms a bit for 2012. The only noticeable change on the Chiefs uniform is moving the number from the sleeve to the top of the shoulder.  The Rams uniforms aren’t changing much. Looks like they’ll be a bit more form fitting too.

Thank heavens they’re not messing with the basic design. The Chiefs uniform is virtually unchanged from day 1 of the Dallas Texans in 1960.  The Rams haven’t changed the style they’ve worn since the 2000 season.  I like the current Rams uniforms. Those changes ten years ago helped shift the perception away from the Los Angeles Rams to the St. Louis Rams. I do not like the blue jersey/blue pants combination. Makes ‘em look like an arena league team.

Some Chief fans have suggested alternate jerseys in yellow or black.  Yellow? Blech. They’d look like 53 dandelions on the field at Arrowhead.  Black? In the AFC West black is for losers-- like Oakland.

Best uniforms in the NFL.
--Chiefs home & all white road.
--Oakland (NOTE: I actually wrote something positive about the Raiders!)
--NY Giants
--Pittsburgh Steelers.
--Chicago Bears

Worst uniforms in the NFL
--New England
--Arizona.  (and the St. Louis football Cardinal uniforms were very good)

Still to come. College football/basketball and major league baseball.