Have you voted yet?

If you haven't yet, please make it a point to get to your local polling place between now and 7 p.m. Not only are there some contested races, including an aldermanic race in Hannibal, but there are a number of referendums around the area. In Hannibal, there's the issue of banning smoking in businesses in the city. I hope you heard our Newsmakers this morning with the two points of view on the issue. And, in Marion County, voters are deciding on making the 3/8th cent sales tax permanent. We visited with Bob Heiser on Talk Back Monday on the benefit this tax has been to the county and will continue to be if it's passed. The point being, when you go to the polls, vote from a point of knowledge. Look into the issues before you pull the curtain behind you, and know what you're voting about.

As someone once said -- if you don't vote, don't gripe.