By definition, what was seen over Kansas City, Missouri during 4th of July celebrations were unidentified aerial phenomena. I don't know what it is in the 3 videos that were shared, but they weren't fireworks.

I just saw Pic Mayne share these videos on YouTube that he says happened over Kansas City, Missouri on July 4, 2024. Here they are in the order he shared them.

I always tend to be skeptical when I see UFO/UAP videos, but here's why these feel legit to me. First, the 4th of July is a natural night where you would expect that people would be taking videos of fireworks and sky things. Second, his videos are taken very suddenly like he was seeing something that he did not expect instead of someone who was creating theater.

While I believe his video shares are from a genuine intention and not a hoax, I do not know what he saw in the sky. First thought was a planet like Mars, but a planet would not appear to be moving like what he saw. The red appearance also makes me think this wasn't a regular aircraft. If it were a white light with a blinking red one, that would be a plane.

My point is I don't know what Pic Mayne saw over Kansas City, Missouri on the 4th of July. Do you?

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