The fact that we have so many great local bakeries is no secret to those of us that grew up in the Quincy/Hannibal area. However, it's still awesome when one of them gets some national recognition which is what just happened for one Quincy bakery.

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Only In Your State just published their article about 5 small town Illinois bakeries that would be worthy of a pilgrimage. In their very exclusive list, you'll see none other than Underbrinks Bakery over on College Avenue in Quincy.

Underbrinks Bakery was called out for many reasons and among them were the fact that they have been open since 1929 and still use many of their own recipes that have remained the same since they opened nearly 100 years ago. The fact that they have many antique décor items is icing on the cake. No baking pun intended. OK, so maybe it is intended.

Will the world stop spinning just because one of our local Quincy/Hannibal bakeries got a shout out from a website? Nope. Is it great that small town bakeries like Underbrinks continues to hang in there after so many years of ups and downs in the economy? That is something worth celebrating for sure.

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