The last time we posted on these pages about tree houses, we featured one that was part of a private residence and not open to the general public.

If you looked at that and said, "That's all well and good, but how about showing me something I could actually get away to."

All you had to do was ask.

A search of, turned up something that, to say the least, caught my eye.

It's called the Getaway Treehouse and Jacuzzi Bath House.

It is a true Tiny House style tree house for two, with a nearby bath house in a grove of seven trees on a hillside on ten wooded acres.

You'll find this little piece of heaven smack in the middle of the Ozarks, a short distance from the town of Cassville, Roaring River State Park and the Mark Twain National Forest.

And, my favorite point of reference, Branson, is about an hour to the east.

It features all the comforts of home - free WiFi, a TV capable of streaming Netflix, YouTube, etc., a well equipped kitchenette and a grill/smoker for cooking out.

They advise that, since this is a tree house, it is built to move with the trees, so expect to feel and hear movement when winds get stronger that 20 miles per hour.

And, it looks like there are dates available in January if you want to get out of town.

Check Out the Getaway Treehouse & Jacuzzi Bath House, Cassville, MO

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