If you're afraid of heights, you might also want to consider fearing the opposite. Missouri divers recently set a record by exploring a depth 451 feet down.

Exploration is like visiting a cathedral. You get to go somewhere where nobody has ever been

A friend of mine shared a story by the Joplin Globe a few days ago that told the story of this brave team of divers who truly went someplace no one has ever been before. The deep of Roaring River. The completed the feat of descending 451 feet in late October. This video chronicles their dives just prior to that in September.

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Favorite quote from Mike Young, one of the divers - "Exploration is like visiting a cathedral. You get to go somewhere where nobody has ever been.

To say that attempting a dive like this isn't for the faint of heart is an understatement. Water Welders states that the world record for a deep dive is 1,082 feet by Ahmed Gabr in 2014. The pressure per square inch on a human's lungs at that depth are over 450 pounds per square inch.

Roaring River State Park is a unique destination and not just because of the water depths. The official website states this is one of 3 state parks in Missouri where you'll find rainbow trout. Lots of hiking possibilities there, too.

The Joplin Globe article says that the record dive by these explorers makes it possible that Roaring River will be named one of the deepest springs in America.

These Missouri divers have been to a place no one has ever been and no one else will likely return to. Incredible accomplishment.


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