There are a lot of caves in Missouri, but very few can claim they're haunted. That is the case for a Missouri cave where legend says the woman who first owned it never really left.

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Only In Your State just shared the interesting tale of Onondaga Cave. It's the story of Artressia Davis who was one of the first owners of the cave. Legend says that two men swindled her into selling the cave to them and she never forgave them.

Missouri State Parks backs up this account saying:

Onondaga was leased to Bob Bradford, who eventually bought the cave, or so he thought. Property disputes with the ancient matriarch of Davis Mill, Artressia Davis, who was convinced she had been bamboozled when Christopher and Eaton bought the land over the cave, continued.

There have been many deaths in this cave including a woman who drowned in 1915 when she fell in the water and was dragged to the depths by the heavy dress she was wearing. Note the eeriness of this early 1950's video of Onondaga Cave.

The haunting of Onondaga Cave is more than just clever stories meant to scare. As Do 314 shared, paranormal investigations have uncovered very strange sounds inside this cave.

Onondaga Cave is so notorious for the strange things witnessed there and the tragedies which are proven history, Missouri State Parks has even hosted their own paranormal investigation tours. St. Louis Paranormal Research Society just wrapped up a recent investigation there in September. It will be interesting to see what they experienced.

Wonder if Artressia Davis joined them on their journey?

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