It’s winter-- and this is the Midwest.  The weather can do almost anything at this time of the year. Early this week, we saw record high temperatures in Hannibal. This (FRI) morning, the dashboard thermometer in my car said it was 6 above zero.

Naturally, there is some grumbling today about the uncomfortable conditions outdoors.

Just remember, it could be worse. Remember “Snowmageddon”? The above picture was taken two years ago just east of the KHMO studios. That's what the 200 block of Center in Hannibal looked like a couple days after the snow stopped falling.

In a few months, we’ll shift our grumbling from cold and snow to the high temperatures. This is what I saw one night late last July as I parked the car after returning home from a Hannibal Cavemen game…

That actually isn't too bad considering that this thermometer said it was 109 degrees when I parked at Clemens Field seven hours earlier.

Many adjectives describe Midwestern weather. Boring isn’t one of them.