It happened this weekend, the "super" full moon arrived and with it came all the "additional" gravitational pull on us earthlings. I looked at the moon this weekend and according to reports it would look 14% larger than other full moons.  I didn't quite see the difference.

According to the people in the know, you couldn't notice the size difference with the naked eye, so I covered my eyes and I still could tell the difference especially since I couldn't see the moon at all that way.

Seriously, the moon this past weekend came within 222,000 miles of Earth.  In listening to reporters over the weekend doing this story they made it sound like, gee, it is so close you could get in your car and drive there this weekend.  Come to think about it, I do know some cars with over 250,000 miles on them.

The moon did cause some additional high tides and scientist are reporting that full moons do not lead to higher crime rates or bizarre behavior. Police departments may dispute that though.

In any case if strange things were happening around you this past weekend, I'd blame it on the "super moon".