I may not be the most objective person in the world since I've had many family members serve in the Missouri National Guard, but I always know they have our back. (Not bragging, but my uncle was a colonel.) More proof of that as pictures show they are out rescuing stranded motorists from the most recent snowstorm.

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The Missouri National Guard shared this quick update today which I felt like needed additional sharing. It's the fighting men and women who are also a force to be reckoned with when weather forecasters get out of control. Just kidding, weathermen and ladies. Well, pretty sure I'm kidding. Maybe.

Does it make me a bad person that my adrenaline gets going when I see a Humvee in camouflage flying down the highway? Oh, that's right. I don't care. Proud moments to see our National Guard out helping right the wrongs of weather gone bad.

If you don't already, the Missouri National Guard are more than worth a follow on Facebook. They're constantly providing updates and doing good deeds, so that's a good way to stay up-to-date.

By the way, the Missouri National Guard website mentioned that the mighty Navy Seals recently did some training jumps off of one of their C-130's. Excuse me while I go watch some Steven Seagal movies now.

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