If I didn't know better, I'd think that the world was about to end based on the number of warnings and cautions I'm hearing about the upcoming total solar eclipse. There's a new one and this time it's a dire one for cell phone users coming to Missouri for the admittedly historic sky event we're about to witness.

A few days ago I shared 10 very practical yet serious warnings (mostly serious anyway) from the Missouri Highway Patrol about the April 8 total solar eclipse that will cross a big part of the southern part of the state. Now, there's a new warning about something else that Missourians should allegedly be concerned about.

Newsweek shared a "warning" about what's potentially going to go wrong with your cell phone during the eclipse.

The authorities are saying that everyone traveling and/or living near the total eclipse path in Missouri should be prepared for their cell phones to not work for a period of time due to the expectation that networks will become overloaded.

Oh, and there's this to consider also. There are also reports now that the National Guard will be deployed during the eclipse. As you might imagine, the conspiracy theory folks are having a field day with that one.

Here's the bottom line. It's good to be prepared in the event of an emergency and the April 8 total solar eclipse could cause some issues for many in Missouri, but they're likely to just be inconveniences rather than a dire cataclysm. Let's hope it's a safe and memorable event on April 8 for all in Missouri and those other states along the totality path.

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