A truck driver and a pedestrian escape with minor injuries in a crash in a construction zone on Interstate 72 in Pike County, Illinois at 7:30 a.m. Thursday.

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The Illinois State Police reports a truck, driven by 36 year old Sam Williams of Chatham, Illinois was parked in a lane closed to traffic around Milepost 40. Williams was out of the truck, working on the construction crew.

A westbound semi, driven by 56 year old Kyle Dietz of Elk River, Minnesota, swerved into the closed lane of traffic, striking Williams' truck and then Williams, coming to rest when the semi struck a concrete median.

Both Williams and Dietz refused medical treatment at the scene.

Dietz was ticketed for Scott’s Law, failure to yield right of way to a construction vehicle, improper lane usage and driving too fast for conditions.

In reaction to this crash, officials with Illinois State Police District 20 posted this on Facebook:

Today our Troopers handled a crash which could have been catastrophic. It occurred in the construction zone on Interstate 72 near milepost 40 in Pike County.

A truck tractor semi-trailer entered a closed lane of traffic in the construction zone and struck a construction worker and the worker’s pickup which was parked in the closed lane of travel. The construction worker suffered minor injuries.

Many of these work sites have crew briefings and meetings at the beginning (and during) their work shift. They may be standing in the zone. They may be in a skid steer. They may be doing milling and patch work. They may be in a roller. They are working very close to the motoring public.

We urge you all to:
Slow down
Drive alert
Avoid distractions
Remain attentive when traveling through a construction zone
Be mindful of lane closures

These men and women are working to get our states’ roadways repaired. Drive cautiously because their lives *and your lives* depend on it.

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