Second Saturday Gallery Night takes place every month in Hannibal. It gives the public a chance to enjoy an evening along Main Street, see new and special art exhibits, and maybe even win a prize. Michael Gaines, the executive director of the Hannibal Arts Council, gave us some behind the scenes info on this monthly tradition at Hannibal's art galleries. 

"It's really a partnership between the Alliance Art Gallery and Gallery 310, along with the Hannibal Arts Council," said Gaines. "It's a program that's been going on for a long time. Gallery 310 usually features one of their artists each month. Alliance Gallery is good about having guest artists in, and Gallery Night is kind of the kick-off to show off that artist's work. In the Hannibal Arts Council's case, it's really our exhibit that's up. Maybe people aren't able to get here during our regular gallery hours, but Second Saturday Gallery Night is an opportunity to be able to come and see the exhibit for the first time."

Gaines says that Second Saturday Gallery Night also benefits Main Street businesses that might not directly be art-related. "It's really just a chance to have that one Saturday a month where we think, 'Hey, you know what? Let's go out to dinner, walk around downtown, take in some galleries, go get a drink, and then later go to a movie.' It takes Hannibal from what we think locally sometimes as just a tourism district to an entertainment district. It is our downtown, and we need to come down and enjoy it."

As a special incentive for art lovers to participate in Second Saturday, visitors have a chance to win original artwork. "Each of the galleries submits something from one of their participating artists to give away. In the Arts Council's case, we're taking pieces that Brenda Beck-Fisher is doing for our Arty Parties and donating those to be given away."

Second Saturday Gallery Night takes place on the second Saturday of each month from 5 to 8 p.m.