(LOUISIANA)--   The Missouri approach to a new bridge at Louisiana may include a roundabout.   

The option is one that’s being considered in addition to several alternatives for replacing the 85-year-old Champ Clark Bridge. Roundabouts are wheel-shaped designs that allow a continuous flow of traffic with yield signs instead of flashing red lights. Bowling Green has used one effectively in a retail district near Highway 61.

A citizens’ advisory committee recommended that state engineers study how to improve the intersection of Highways 54 and 79 in Louisiana as a part of plans for a new Mississippi River crossing. A spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Transportation said creative ideas are welcome, but that changes to the intersection will have to be cost-effective, have the least impact on existing businesses and maintain access to the downtown area.

A public meeting on any proposals would be held before intersection re-design moves forward.

A site for the new bridge will be chosen next year, but for now the state doesn't have the $100 million estimated cost for construction.