It sadly seems like this is becoming a daily occurrence. There's another major restaurant chain that's closing locations and this one from Red Lobster numbers at least 80 and does including Missouri locations reportedly.

I saw this news just shared by KSDK in Saint Louis about this sudden closure of what they say is more than 80 Red Lobsters. There is at least one and possibly more that have suddenly thrown up "temporarily closed" on their doors in Missouri.

Red Lobster, 3519 Country Club Drive Jefferson City, MO 65109
Google Maps Street View

The one that has been confirmed so far is the Red Lobster located at 3519 Country Club Drive in Jefferson City, Missouri. There are reports that this "temporary" closure is not temporary. Fox Business is reporting that "bankruptcy possibilities loom".

The numbers of sudden Red Lobster closures varies from report to report. While 80 was stated in the report above, there are shares by Yahoo on X that it could be only 48. It's important to note that the Columbia, Missouri Red Lobster is the only confirmed Missouri restaurant closed as of this writing. Reports say more could be coming and this list will be updated if it does.

As this is a developing story, it will be updated once new information is released about what other Missouri locations might be affected.

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