A Quincy man and woman are in the Adams County Jail on burglary charges.

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Adams County deputies were called to a residence in Payson just after 7 a.m. Monday on a report of a burglary in progress.

Deputies arrived to find an unoccupied SUV in the yard of the home. Officers found items from the house in the SUV.

An investigation, involving canvassing of the are and the viewing of surveillance footage, resulted in the arrests of 29 year old Jamie Pyatt and 30 year old William Owsley at a residence in the 2700 block of Chestnut at 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Pyatt and Owsley are charged with residential burglary and are being held without bail.

This is the latest in what could be described as a rash of residential burglaries, not just in rural Adams County, but around the area. There have been recent reports of burglaries and thefts at rural residences and farm buildings in rural Pike County, Illinois and Lewis County, Missouri in particular.

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