High school football officially kicks off on both sides of the river, but a new warning for the Better Business Bureau should be taken series for all fans.

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According to the BBB Quincy Facebook page, scammers are going after those who can't make football games but want to watch or listen to games. Their goal is to collect your credit card and other personal identifying information. When game time comes, there is no stream and the consumer's information may be compromised.

Below are some of the screenshots that have been found with over 20 fake streams for the upcoming Quincy High School vs. Quincy Notre Dame game this Friday night. Scammers are tagging the schools in the post on social media making the streams look legit, but turning out to be fake.

Just know where you can listen and watch the game in your area. KICK is your home for Hannibal Pirate Football, our sister station is home to the Palmyra Panthers Football season, and the best way to watch the QHS/QND game for his weekend is with our friends on WGEM.

Here is how to avoid being scammed and not become a victim. Research any website before paying any money, pay by credit card in case you need to get your money back you can track it better with a credit card, check the site's security settings, and in general just be cautious.

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