If you truly believe in keeping students safe, then you must support this new bill lawmakers in Illinois are debating. Here are the details on House Bill 4241 up for vote in the Land of Lincoln...

According to an article from mystateline.com, House Bill 4241 would finally close a loophole in the teacher-student romantic relationship. In Illinois, teachers can legally have sex with students once they are 18, now if they are caught many of them are fired or dismissed from their schools but LEGALLY it is not a crime. House Bill 4241 would change that, making it a felony for an educator to have a sexual relationship with a student at age 18 or older. To read more about this possible new law, click here!

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Is this law necessary?

I think it is. The article I mentioned earlier talks about a teacher in Illinois who wrote a tell-all book admitting to grooming a student but waiting for that student to turn 18 before there was contact so that they wouldn't go to prison. There are SICK individuals out there, and if this law helps save one child from being preyed on by one of these sick individuals it is worth it in my opinion. Even though the kid is now 18 and yes, they are an adult, having sexual relations while still in school with an adult teacher should not be allowed. We need to protect kids in schools, not allow them to be groomed by creeps who are trying to "cheat" the system. Pass the law and lock up these adult creeps.

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