Two big commercial buildings in Quincy will soon be filled once again, but what would you like to come to Quincy?

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First reported by Muddy River News, Mayor Troupe announced that the former Shopko building has been sold, and negotiations for the former K-Mart building to be sold are happening. Troupe does not know who bought the former Shopko building, and who's potentially investing in the former K-Mart building, but at this point does it matter? There will also be a new restaurant built in place of the former Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

Which would you like to come to Quincy?

Yes, we all know that we would love to have a Target, Olive Garden, or Red Lobster, but what else would you like to see come to Quincy? Personally, as much as I would like a Target, I would equally like a Burlington Store or some other option for shopping in Quincy. There is no doubt that no matter what businesses and restaurants come, it's going to be nice to have those empty buildings filled again and several job openings for those who are looking for work.

I am excited to see what comes and what the future holds for shopping options in the Tri-States.

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