Last week, Bill wrote about his favorite moments covering sports over the years.

I've got a few of those myself, having covered sports for a little over 40 years.

My favorites come in three categories:

As a broadcaster - I agree with Bill that the run of the 1996 Monroe City football team was quite a ride. I was the hometown radio guy that year, and the Palmyra and John Burroughs games were classics. On that Saturday, I got to sit inside the press box, while Bill had to sit out in the drizzle. And, getting to call a game at what was then known as the TWA Dome in St. Louis was pretty cool.

As a newspaper reporter - I was working for the newspaper in Barry during West Pike's basketball run in 1994-95. To cover a ball club with a notepad and a camera was a different perspective, along with the fact that it was my alma mater. And, later on, to see fans' scrapbooks with clippings from the paper with my byline on it, that was also cool.

As a fan - I live in Winchester, IL,  and last year, the West Central Lady Cougars basketball team mounted a state championship run. The dad of one of the key players was an old acquaintance, so I started following the club at a distance. Then, as their post season run began, my schedule and theirs came together so that I was able to see most of those games in person. I thought at the time that I could contact some print or broadcast outlet and cover the games for somebody, but then I thought, I haven't really followed a team as just a fan since high school. So, I paid for my ticket, and enjoyed the ride, which ended with the state championship on the Doug Collins Court at Illinois State University.

Pretty good stuff.