The word has come down from the folks in the LaGrange area that the semi-annual "Hillbilly Auction" hosted by the Oyster Prairie 4-H Club has been postponed. It was supposed to be Saturday the 21st at the Lewis County Fairgrounds east of Lewistown. There's been some illness among some of the club members and a death in the family of another member, so they decided to postpone the sale to a later date.

If you haven't experienced a Hillbilly Auction, it could feature most any kind of animal (except hooved ones), along with all kinds of animal related equipment.

One of those associated with the sale who's under the weather is Paul Bringer. He's one of our regular Trading Post contributors and Bids for Bargains customers. We're told he's in the hospital, so our best wishes are with Paul and all of those with the Oyster Prairie 4-H Club either sick or suffering loss.

Again, the Hillbilly Auction at the Lewis County Fairgrounds for this Saturday has been called off, but will be rescheduled. We'll keep you posted.