(LOUISIANA)--  A regional grocery chain plans a town hall meeting in Louisiana to discuss the possibility of replacing Kroger.    Officials from Niemann Foods of Quincy will meet with residents at 6:30 p.m. November First at the Twin Pike Family YMCA.

City Superintendent Bob Jenne described the meeting as a chance for Louisiana residents to tell Niemann what they’d like to see in a grocery store.

Niemann operates County Market, which has a store 20 miles away in Pittsfield Illinois that’s begun weekly grocery delivery to Louisiana in the wake of the Kroger decision.

Niemann operates almost 100 supermarkets, convenience stores, pet shops and hardware stores throughout the region, and traces its roots to 1917.

Jenne said the city also has been contacted by Affiliated Foods, but that no agreements have been signed. The city was told Kroger’s lease for the Louisiana location runs through August of next year.