If you bought baked goods from Kroger recently, it's time to check the pantry as they just recalled 19 different products due to metal fragment contamination.

Food Safety News just dropped this somewhat alarming notice that several cinnamon rolls and cakes sold under the Country Oven brand were being recalled by Kroger as some metal fragments were believed to accidentally been involved in the starch. Here's the list you need to check:

  • Country Oven Cinnamon Roll 4oz, 2.5oz
  • Country Oven White Cake 7lb, 13.5oz, 29oz
  • Country Oven Chocolate Cake 13.5oz, 60oz, 40oz
  • Country Oven White/Vanilla Cake 37oz
  • Country Oven Yellow/Vanilla Cake 37oz
  • Country Oven Chocolate/Vanilla Cake 37oz
  • Country Oven Yellow Cake 18.5oz, 7oz, 13.5oz, 42oz
  • Country Oven Bowtie Danish 3oz
  • Country Oven Cheese Pocket 4oz – 84 to a case
  • Country Oven Angel Food Cake 13 oz
  • Country Oven Yellow/Fudge Cake 48oz, single slices
  • Country Oven Red Velvet Cake 13oz, 28oz, single slices, Double Layer Cake (51 oz), 8oz
  • Country Oven Marble Cake 7lb
  • Country Oven Chocolate/Fudge Cake Single Slices, Double Layer Cake (50oz)
  • Country Oven Yellow/Caramel Cake Single Slices, double layer cakes ( 48oz )
  • Country Oven Caramel Apple Double Layer Cake 32 oz
  • Country Oven Boston Cream Cake Double Layer Cake 28oz
  • Country Oven Raspberry Cake 71oz
  • Country Oven Party Balloon Cake 48oz
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These 19 bakery items were sold in 30 different states including Illinois and Missouri. You can check the full label details at Food Safety News to see if you somehow ended up with one of the contaminated products.

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