I've heard it said that the retail business is a moving target. That's definitely true for major chains like Walmart who are in the process of making big changes to some of their Neighborhood Markets. Does that mean the 16 Missouri locations are about to get a big upgrade?

Walmart's corporate site says there are 16 Neighborhood Market locations in Missouri. In a press release, they recently shared news of what they term "valuable changes" to 2 Neighborhood Markets in an experiment. There's one location in Florida and another in Atlanta, Georgia where they've greatly enlarged the shopping areas saying they've made them "about 17,000 square feet larger than the average Neighborhood Market".

The other big changes are coming to their "Fresh" departments where the delis in those stores are now much bigger and offer a wider selection. They say that it will enable them to offer customers "more to choose from in bakery, produce, meat and dairy" and "more hot case options".

But, wait, there's more...

Walmart is enlarging the checkout aisles at these Neighborhood Markets, too making it more efficient to get what you need, pay for it and get out.

Will these changes come to Missouri Walmart Neighborhood Markets?

The press release doesn't specify, but it appears that at least some Missouri locations will get the size and department upgrades. They say that they will evaluate the needs of each community, so you'd have to think at the very least that the Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri locations will get bigger Neighborhood Markets relatively soon.

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