For the second time this spring, crest predictions on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers have entered record territory.

At midday Wednesday, forecasters again revised their river crest predictions higher, which, if they come to pass, would take the rivers to levels not seen since 1993.

At Hannibal, the river stands at 27.53, with a crest now predicted to hit 30.7 early Friday morning. The Mississippi reached 31.8 in 1993.

The current stage at Quincy is 28.03, with a predicted crest of 30.4 early Friday morning. The record at Quincy is 32.13, also in '93.

Elsewhere, Canton is at 24.29, headed for 26.0 by early Friday morning. It got to 27.88 in 1993. Louisiana's current stage is 25.2, with a predicted crest of 27.5 by Friday evening. The record there is 28.4 in '93. In Clarksville, the midday Wednesday level is 35.27, expected to get to 37.2 by Friday evening. In '93, the Clarksville river stage got to. 37.73.

Meanwhile, predictions are for records to be broken on the Illinois River.

At Meredosia, the river stands at 26.58, with a crest prediction of 28.8 Monday morning. The record is 28. 86 in 2015. And, at Valley City, the current stage is 25.12, with a predicted crest of 27.3, which would top the record crest of 27.0, set in 1943.

Near record crests were predicted in early May but fell short, with Hannibal cresting at 28.25 on May 3.

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