If you spend any time on the Mississippi River you have had to deal with Asian Carp that have invaded the Mississippi River with a vengeance. The aggressive Asian Carp have harmed the eco-system of the river and have competed fiercely with the native fish of the river for food diminishing the population of the native fish species. They have been known to fly out of the water through the air and strike boaters on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. Environmentalists have not been able to control the Asian carp invasion and are using an electric barrier to keep the fish from making their way into the Great Lakes.

Now comes word that an almost extinct fish called an Alligator Gar, one time considered a "trash fish", may be the answer. The Alligator Gar is a huge fish, some ten feet long and weighing as much as a refrigerator, can be found in the lower portion of the Mississippi River.  It is now being considered as a hugely important fish in the fight against Asian Carp.

Officials are now trying to reintroduce the Alligator Gar to the northern portions of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers in hopes of slowing down the Asian Carp invasion. So don't be surprised one day if someone catches one of these monster fish from the Mississippi or Illinois River. Hopefully with a belly full of Asian Carp!

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