I would have never guessed there would be any chance that someone in Missouri could mistake a mountain lion for a red fox, but after watching a recent share from a trail cam, I'm a believer.

I would recommend taking the time to watch all of this video (it's not long) to take in what they're trying to say. First of all, there's a Missouri trail cam that almost certainly shows a mountain lion (unless I really need to go back to school to relearn my animals). The assertion is that mountain lions are being allowed to lurk in the state of Missouri while their screams are being mistaken as red foxes.

Their claim is not without factual basis. They shared a news story from KRCG back in 2012 where a mountain lion in Missouri was indeed captured and released. This happened in Reynolds County, Missouri. What I find interesting is the video that was captured of that 2-year-old mountain lion in Missouri has now been removed. Curious.

He's also accurate in saying that many who say they've heard mountain lions are later told they just heard a red fox instead. It makes you wonder who many mountain lion encounters are being dismissed simply because many authorities are in denial that they do lurk in the woods of Missouri.

I will say that I don't believe that the Missouri Department of Conservation would deliberately mislead us about mountain lions, but this person's share about more of these big cats being in our state than we think deserves consideration.

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