I'm not normally one to recommend that someone adapt what many would consider to be a radical lifestyle. However, I'll make an exemption in this case. I think you would do well to become a Missouri doomsday prepper even if you don't believe doomsday will happen in your lifetime and I'll explain why.

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What is a prepper and why Missouri?

Generally speaking, a prepper is someone who has stored away necessary life supplies in excess of what a normal family would have in their fridge and/or freezer. A prepper keeps non-perishable food in a safe/hidden place in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Doomsday prepper in Missouri.
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Many choose Missouri for this lifestyle due to many great off-the-grid locations and relatively mild winters especially in the southern part of the state. Plus, Missouri has many areas that are not near metro areas that would become even more dangerous in the event of a societal breakdown.

But, what if you don't believe doomsday is imminent?

I am not recommending that you fill your basement with dried rice, but there are some very good practical reasons why you should become a prepper even if not in a drastic end-of-the-world kind of way.

Doomsday prepping in Missouri for earthquakes.

Missouri is one of the most seismically-active regions of America and experts believe a major quake along the New Madrid Fault will happen in our lifetime. If the predicted major 7.7 quake ever happens, bridges, transportation and life as you know it would be interrupted for weeks if not months. If you and/or your family are self-sufficient, you'll be in better shape than most.

Doomsday prepping in Missouri because of storms.

Have you heard that meteorologists believe Tornado Alley is now Missouri and Illinois? If you remember what happened in Joplin in 2011, society in that part of Missouri was in a desperate state for a long period of time. Being able to live without water and food services for weeks can give you piece of mind during the worst weather Missouri can dish up.

Doomsday prepping in Missouri because of economy problems.

Even if the world doesn't face an economic crash which some preppers believe (perhaps rightly) is imminent, what if food prices skyrocket if only briefly? Having food in the basement you can rely on while you wait for grocery store prices to stabilize is not a bad idea anytime.

Doomsday prepping in Missouri due to pandemic.

Here's a situation that's fresh in all of our memories. Some preppers believe that society will eventually see another pandemic possibly worse than the one in 2020/2021. Even if nothing that dire occurs, it's nice to have supplies in your home that you could lean on if sickness is prevalent making store access iffy.

It seems that most national media wants to paint preppers as radicals who have crazy ideas about the end of the world. I know several who aren't crazy at all and they are silently making sure their families are prepared for problems no matter if they're big or small.

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