The Hannibal connection to an anniversary being observed internationally will be the subject of  a nationally syndicated radio show next week.

Andrew McCrea, the host of "American Countryside," was in town today (Tuesday) to gather material on Hannibal native Margaret Tobin. Those who know their history, of course, know that Margaret Tobin is known to the world as Molly Brown, who survived the sinking of the Titanic. The 100th anniversary of that event is coming up April 15th.

We visited with McCrea for an upcoming Newsmaker report. He told that he learned that Molly left Hannibal at around age 18, and wound up in Denver when her husband's family struck gold in Colorado. She had booked passage on the Titanic to get back to America to see a sick grandchild she had never met. And, even as her and her fellow passengers were still at sea, she was working to raise money for poor immigrants who also survived.

McCrea told us that the American Countryside episodes featuring Molly Brown will be heard Thursday & Friday, April 12 & 13. On KHMO, that will be at 9:20 a.m.