Many school districts are having success with a 4-day school week but certain lawmakers in Missouri are looking to pass a law that would force schools to have 5-day school weeks, here are the details...

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According to an article from, lawmakers in Missouri are hoping to make the 4 day school week a thing of the past. School districts have been opting into the 4-day school week in Missouri over the past couple of years to try to entice teachers and reduce the burden on the districts, but they could be forced to go back to the 5-day school week if this new bill passes. In the article, they say...

"Senate Bill 784, introduced by Sen. Doug Beck (D-Affton), would require a switch to four-day school weeks to be approved by the voters in that school district. Other lawmakers have filed similar bills. However, the bill would provide several bonuses to schools in session for five days a week. Those bonuses include letting schools establish their opening date and giving them additional state funds for teacher salaries."

The article goes on to mention that 30% of school districts in the Show-Me State are already under the 4-day school week umbrella, and opponents of the bill say the benefits of the bill don't outweigh the benefits of the 4-day school week, especially when it comes to teacher retention. To read all about the debate surrounding this proposed bill, click here!

4 vs 5

This is a fascinating debate...I do like that the bill would require people to VOTE whether or not they support their district going to a 4-day week vs a 5-day week. And I have seen so many articles that support the 4-day week because it attracts and helps keep teachers in smaller districts. But parents seem to support the 5-day week because they work a 5-day week, and when the kids aren't in school on a Friday it forces them to get babysitters, feed the kids an extra day, or work from home. Do you think a 4-day week is better than a 5-day week?

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