If you're planning on traveling for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, whatever you don't travel to Missouri.

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St. Louis and Kansas City are ranked extremely low on places to visit for Thanksgiving. St. Louis comes in at 69 whereas Kansas City ranks 72. Why? Well according to Wallethub both rank low in Thanksgiving celebrations & traditions, affordability, safety and accessibility, and weather. Now the weather is a bit of a stretch you can't predict weather and yes it might be chillier than Florida, but we've been lucky to have warm Thanksgiving.

Source: WalletHub

There is some good news, the server did find that Kansas City is ranked 5th when it comes to the cost of Thanksgiving Diner. So I guess you can go shopping in KC and bring it home here to the Tri-States. Which city ranks number one overall, that honor belongs to Atlanta, Orlando comes in at number 2 followed by Las Vegas Raleigh, and Gilbert Arizona.

Last year, consumers spent a little over $300 per person during the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Luckily, though, it doesn’t cost too much to make a Thanksgiving feast for your family – around $53 on average for 10 people.

My family and I are doing something a little different this Thanksgiving we are having a Pastagiving meal and hopefully, we can save some money.

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