I understand that time changes things and that's especially true of the era of bleeding edge technology and devices we live in right now, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. There are 20 things that have started to disappear from Missouri and some are already gone.

I am not surprised that some of these items are either becoming hard to find or are already gone. But, there are some things that have been completely unexpected especially one of my favorite kinds of popcorn chickens. Let's begin. Here are 20 things that have started disappearing from life in Missouri in 2024.

20 Things that Will Disappear from Missouri Forever in 2024

Gallery Credit: Canva

I am a big fan of physical movies. I will not give up my DVD's or Blu-ray disks - yet. I'm also not happy with the government making LED light bulbs mandatory. In my experience, they don't last longer than the light bulbs I grew up with and are way more expensive. I really don't want to be the old man on the porch complaining about everything changing, but some things on this disappearing list seem unnecessary. But, yes, time constantly changes things. Eventually I'll accept it - maybe.

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