It's that time of year that mushrooms start popping up. Or so I'm told. I'm fairly miserable at finding mushrooms, but I think even I might be able to spot this one that was found last weekend.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, turkey hunter Charlie Ware found a mushroom that's over a foot tall on Sunday south of St. Louis. A representative from the Missouri Department of Conservation reportedly visited Ware on Tuesday to examine the mushroom, which just might be a record setter, though the paper notes that it is unknown whether or not the department even keeps such records.

There are several photos of the mushroom on the Missouri Morel Hunting Facebook page. One shows the giant mushroom in relation to a gallon of milk (it's about the same length). As you can imagine, the photos are being shared thousands of times, tons of comments have come in, and a few Facebook users have also posted photos of their own giant mushroom finds (and not-so-giant mushroom finds).