Smells in your home are important and knowing the bad ones could save your life. For example, if your Missouri home suddenly smells like cucumbers, you need to get out of it right now.

As a Missouri homeowner, I've fortunately never had to live through this scenario, but it's a possibility for all of us. You likely understand that if you smell rotten eggs, you need to call the gas company as you may have a dangerous leak. The FW brought up a different kind of smell that also might be a sign that you and/or your family are in danger. It's the sudden smell of cucumbers.

Quick note: If you have fresh vegetables including cucumbers, that's not what I'm talking about. This is a sudden whiff of what smells like cucumbers when there's no natural explanation.

If the scent of cucumbers is suddenly prevalent in your Missouri home, you likely have a presence of either copperheads or rattlesnakes according to Total Reptile. These are two of Missouri's most venomous snakes and that smell could mean that not only are they in or under your home, but on high alert.

Not everyone agrees that these venomous Missouri snakes will alert you with a smell, but if you live in an area where these snakes are known to habitat, better to go ahead and have professionals check your home before a smell arises. Better safe than sorry.

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