Well, this is awkward. New data indicates that when you're measuring sexually-transmitted rates in America one Missouri place is guilty of having one of the highest in the country. Ew.

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Inner Body just shared one of the more disgusting rankings you'll ever see, but it is helpful information to know which cities in America have the highest STD rates. The data was apparently pulled from Centers for Disease Control numbers. The takeaways of this gnarly survey are interesting. 2 of the top 8 are practically right across the border from Missouri. Memphis, Tennessee is #1 in America for STD's while Little Rock Arkansas comes in at #8.

What Missouri city ranks in the top 20 for STD transmission rates?

Inner Body says it's none other than Saint Louis which is 18th in America for passing bad germs in the not-safe-for-work areas. Check out these horrifying numbers for STD's in the Gateway City.

  • 957 out of every 100,000 have a STD
  • Chlamydia Cases - 14,846
  • 627
  • Gonorrhea Cases - 8,306
  • HIV Cases - 460

Another sad aspect of this STD survey is this is not a new problem for St. Louis. I dug up data from as far back as 8 years ago and the city under the Arch regularly has issues with this taboo issue.

Other area cities of note. Chicago came in at #41 in this STD ranking while Kansas City is rather low at #70.

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